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Collaboration Aims & Vision

Our joint vision and aims will raise expectations, aspirations and maintain high standards in building on existing partnerships between our eleven schools.
As a collaboration, we hold high aspirations for our young people which will enhance their achievement and will provide for an excellent transition from First to Middle and then to High School.

Our Vision is to:

• Ensure consistently high expectations across all our schools among pupils, staff, parents and carers
• Enable all pupils to access high quality teaching and learning experiences by sharing best practice, resources, staff and their expertise across the Collaboration.
• Develop creative and transformational approaches to support the raising of attainment and achievement across all our schools.
• Have open and honest relationships with partners, helping each other to reach common goals
• Work effectively with parents, carers and the wider community to promote good health and well-being and to develop an aspirational culture through integrated approaches with external partners working with children and communities.
• Work closely with external partners to help schools be even more imaginative and creative in the provision of opportunities for family and community learning and wider cultural experiences.

Key aims of our Collaboration are:

To have a common approach to high standards of:

• Support, Safeguarding & Child Protection
• Attendance
• Punctuality
• Appearance
• Behaviour
• Achievement & Attainment
• Support for children and families

To offer a range of excellent facilities including:

• Educational study visits, events and speakers
• Cutting-edge ICT opportunities
• A wide variety of sporting opportunities and facilities
• Healthy, freshly - cooked meals
• Outdoor learning environments

To work together to involve children and the community in a range of events and experiences including:

• Dance festivals
• Music festivals
• Sports events
• Eco events and activities
• Literacy and Language Events
• Master Class Events
• Collaborative Learning

To develop in our children a sense of good citizenship through promotion of:

• Positive values e.g. honesty, kindness, fairness
• Self-respect and respect for others
• Responsibility to self and others
• Global and local community awareness
• Charitable giving
• Celebration of and respect for diversity