Penkridge Middle School

penkridge middle

Staffordshire operates a number of 'three-tier' pyramids of schools, containing First, Middle and High school. As a middle school, we cater for children from the ages of 9 up to 12 (national Curriculum Years 5-8). We have over 400 pupils and have recently been designated as a Specialist Technology School for Science and Maths. Four main First Schools feed into Penkridge Middle School, which in turn , feeds into Wolgarston Specialist Technology College - Penkridge's highly respected High School.

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Penkridge Middle School
Marsh Lane
ST19 5BW


Contact Details:

Email: office@penkridge.staffs.sch.uk

Phone: 01785 355545

Fax: 01785 355551

Web: http://penkridge.staffs.sch.uk